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Happy Mothers Day

147 (3)Hey everybody,
first just let me say happy mother’s day to all of my wonderful friends and followers on wordpress, and if you are not a mom than happy sunday, Lol. I wanted to write a post for someone very special to me. Most of you have read some of my previous posts about my biological mother and how i feel about her. What you dont know is that, my mother in law just happens to be one of the best mom’s in the world. She has treated me more like a daughter in the 13 years she has known me, than my own mother ever has. She has been there for me ever since the day i met her, whether it was to give me a hug and tell me that she loves me, or to say i love you, but you need to get your act together, because what your doing is wrong. Im sure there have been times when she wanted to strangle me,(thankfully she did not) but even when she was incredibly angry with me for something, i always knew it came from a place of love and motherly concern, i knew from the beginning she was the exact opposite of my mother. These wonderful people that you see in the picture are my mother and father in law. Donnie and Patricia. I have so much respect for both of them, they are amazing people who have helped me and inspired me, more than they will ever know, i love you both so much,and I hope you had a wonderful mothers day today, if anyone deserves it, it is you.
Love your daughter
p.s. Thank you for being the mother that i needed, and that you didnt have to be.

2 responses

  1. I’m not sure who is luckier, her or you. Nothing stronger than the true bond of love!


    May 14, 2014 at 5:56 pm

    • Ohh, thank you so much. I dont know how lucky she is, but I indeed was blessed with a wonderful mother in law.


      May 14, 2014 at 9:14 pm

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