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The Miracle challenge.

What an Amazing story! 😉

A great friend of mine on here is doing a MIRACLE challenge in which she’s asking everyone who wants to write about a MIRACLE they’ve experienced…to do so.  I thought, since recently – I haven’t been writing, why not?  I can sure write about a MIRACLE I’ve experienced… at least, that’s exactly what it felt like when I experienced it. A MIRACLE. So, here it goes:

I want to say it was Christmas 2004 or 2005.  Not sure what year it was but I know it was around there.  Ex husband and I had gone out to eat at our favorite spot, “Chili’s”.  You could either find us there, or at the OLIVE GARDEN.  We loved both places and we considered those, “Our spots”… well, this one Christmas, we had gone to eat as I said, enjoyed a nice dinner and time together, and we left.  As we were driving…

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