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Very glamorousimage

Hey everybody,
Darrell and i are both sick and it sucks so bad, i have been sick for about a week now and he has been sick for almost 2 weeks with a stuffed up nose (that somehow still keeps running), sore throat, cough, a headache that is unbelivable, and now our ears are clogged up and hurting.
Now since i got clean i dont even like to take tylenol, i mean if i do then you know im in a lot of pain, but with this cold it just doesnt want to go away so we have been taking alka seltzer cold and flu, which doesnt really help much but anyway i thought i would share my misery with you all and give you a heads up, if you know someone who is sick stay far far away because this stuff is awful.

Stay off the roads

20150208_141549-1Hey everybody,
im not sure if i have ever mentioned it on here or not but i have never had my license, not even a learners permit.
When i was about 14 i was always in trouble and they slapped a bunch of fines on me so i couldnt get my license until i paid them off, well i finally went and paid off my fines. So yesterday after paying $717.00 and at 30 years old i finally got my learners permit, yay. And now i can go get my motorcycle learners to, im super excited.
Check out my motorcycle attire, lol.

Valentines day came early

This is what i gave my husband for valentines day

A 2002 Honda shadow 750, He loves it. And this is what he bought me

A 2005 Honda Rebel 250, I love mine to. Nothing says romance better than 2 new motorcycles.