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Child Abusers Dont Deserve Sympathy

26604066I have seen a few things lately talking about child abuse and how the abusers shouldnt be dealt with aggressively, but they need to be counseled and that they only do it because they themselves were abused.
That makes me so mad, i mean maybe they were abused but that doesn’t mean they must become abusers themselves, there is only one word that describes a parent who would harm their child, evil.
I was abused as a child in every way imaginable physically, sexually, emotionally, i went without food for days at a time and had to steal to feed my younger sister, so i know what it means to suffer, but i would never, could never hurt my children or any child, in fact because of what i went through i am very emotional about a childs feelings and well being, i have no problem at all stepping in and stopping someone even if i just think they are talking to their child inappropriately. I have never and will never stand by and do nothing if i think a child is in any danger, even if that means putting myself in danger to stop it.
People who abuse their children do not need to be counseled they need to be put in prison for life and have the other inmates treat them the way they treated their kids. Being abused as a child is not an excuse to grow up and abuse your children. But anyway that was a little venting on my part but please if you suspect any child is being harmed dont just let it go, make a difference call the police, do something. If you think something bad is happening to a child and do nothing, then you are just as guilty as the abuser. No child deserves to be hurt or forced to live in fear, and we have a responsibility to make sure they aren’t.