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The first pic is me during my addiction and the other 2 pics are me now, big difference inCollage_20180326_170802216

Daddy’s Disease (Book Review)

4a23378c7e88747ed4497849e676f0f4Hey everyone,
This morning i read a book, a book that i feel has the ability to help mend a childs broken heart, and give clarity where there was confusion. The book i am talking about is called, Daddy’s Disease, written by Carolyn Hannan Bell. It is a children’s book, that helps children who have an alcoholic parent understand what alcoholism is and how it works. Let me just say the author is genius in how she knows an alcoholics mind, and the simplicity she uses to explain alcoholism so that a child really understands. This book is not one that would bring most people to tears, but it did with me, because being a recovering alcoholic myself, i know that my children experienced some of these same feelings. Even though i have explained addiction to my children, i dont think they could truly grasp what i was saying, so i am going to be reading this book to them, just as soon as i have it in my hands. Now it is a childrens book but honestly i know many adults who could possibly benifit from reading it as well. So even if you dont have children, you should check it out.
When someone has a spouse who is an alcoholic, it is more often than not very hard to overcome their own emotional stress, and it can be hard to find the right words to explain to their children, exactly what is going on in a way that they understand it. This book is the perfect way to ensure that children know what is happening, and that most importantly they know that it is in know way their fault. I absolutely would recommend this book to anyone who has an alcoholic in the there family, or to anyone who just has a hard time really understanding how alcoholism works. I would like to thank Mrs. Carolyn Hannan Bell for writing such a wonderful book in efforts to help children experience less pain, due to having an alcoholic parent. For more information or to order a copy of her book go to Daddy’s Disease is also available as Mommy’s Disease.