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Where My Peeps at? Again

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Okay so im just wondering, am i like one of the last few people left on wordpress or what, cause there hasnt been hardly any posting or commenting going on lately. Here are some of my theories as to what may have happened.

1. There was an alien abduction that i am unaware of, and they left me because they only wanted intelligent life.

2. Maybe there is a strange smell coming from my blog that is keeping people away, totally explainable by the way.

3. Perhaps people were afraid of being urinated on after reading my most embarrassing challenge post, I dont drink anymore so its safe.

4. Maybe you could hear my kids screaming and fighting through the computer screen and you were afraid i would ask you to babysit. I wont, unless i get really mad at you.

5. Did you grow tired of hearing about my love for all things zombie? Its totally not my fault it is a disease.

6. Maybe ethyl has been spreading rumors again, dont listen to her she is a filthy liar, i dont have cuties.

It could be either one of these, but I need to know, Where are my peeps at? 😉