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Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Mythical Me

This weeks cartoon craziness challenge was to draw a mythical creature, so i drew myself as a vampire fairy hybrid. Yes i totally stole the idea from True Blood, so sue me. This one was a lot of fun, Let me know what you guys think.

Cartoon Craziness challenge – My Kids

20140728_121917-120140728_202550-1This weeks cartoon craziness challenge is Kids and Pets, so i decided to draw my kids. Whatcha think?

Cartoon me

Cartoon me

Cartoon me

I want to thank my friend The Indecisive Eejit for starting these drawing challenges, i had forgotten how much i love to draw until i started doing these. So this weeks challenge was to draw cartoon versions of ourselves, it was quite a bit harder than last weeks cat in a hat challenge, but more fun also. So anyway here is mine, its not all that great, but i had fun doing it.