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Challenge (The weirdest dream you have ever had)

my beautiful boy

my beautiful boy

images (4)The weirdest dream i ever had, was scary and sad while i was dreaming it, but now it is pretty hilarious.

When i was pregnant with our first son, i dreamt that my baby was an egg, (yes an egg),  and i kept my very special egg on a shelf where i could constantly check on it to make sure it was okay and see if it had hatched. It was my husbands birthday and i was throwing him a big birthday party, well while i was preparing his cake i realized i only had 2 eggs and i needed 3, so i was upset. My mother then came in the kitchen and said whats wrong,  i told her i couldn’t make Darrell’s cake because i only had 2 eggs, so she started to rummage through her purse and said here you can use this one. I said thank you and finished making his cake. Well the party went very well and everyone had a good time, when people started to leave i went to check on my little egg/baby and it was gone. I started freaking out and i ran in the living room to tell Darrell and my mother that it was gone, my mom spoke up and said are you talking about the egg you had on that shelf ?  I said yes have you seen it, and she said that is the egg i gave you for the cake. I started to scream and cry and ran to the kitchen where the cake was, to figure out how to get my egg/baby out of the cake, but the cake had been cooked and half eaten. I hit my knees and just starting screaming, and that is when i woke up. When i woke up i was still crying and shaking, and it still amazes me how real such a stupid dream could feel.

So my challenge for you is to tell me about your weirdest dreams,  write a post about your weirdest dream, and then either send me the link to it or leave something about it in the comments, and I will reblog it.  but keep it clean, cause if you have a potty mouth I will not be able to reblog it. Im anxious to see if anyone cant top this one, lol. 🙂

Sisterhood Of The World Bloggers Award

sisterhood1Hey everybody i hope you are all doing well, i was pleasantly surprised this evening when I was nominated for the sisterhood of the world bloggers award by Laura over at, thanks so much dear that was very sweet. Those of you who do not already follow her should definitely do so, she is a very honest and inspiring woman.

Now as with other awards there are a few rules that come with accepting this award

1. Thank the blogger who nominated you and link back to their site
2. Display the award logo on your blog
3. Answer the ten questions i ask you
4. Come up with ten new questions for your nominees to answer
5. Nominate ten others for this award

Lauras questions for me were

1. What does sisterhood mean to you, and have you always felt it?
In all honesty sisterhood does not mean that much to me anymore, i have 2 sisters and we used to be very close but we havent spoke in over 3 years now. I am surrounded by my sons and my husband and i am very happy about it.

2. Why do you blog, and what message is your blog trying to send?
I started blogging to help others who suffer with addiction, but it has became an escape for me, a place to be myself and get things off my chest, it has became my refuge.

3. If you could offer me any advice, on my blog, or my message what would it be? (Please be honest, truly).
Continue to be honest and change nothing your blog is great.

4. What is one piece of advice you would give yourself if you could go back in time?
I would tell my self many things not to trust so easily, never pick up a bottle whether alcoholic or prescription, and not to listen to my family because i am worth something whether they believe it or not.

5. Are you happy? If not, do you know why? Or, what does happy mean to you?
Yes i am very happy, i have had the happiest days of my life in the past 3 years since i got sober, and that is what happiness means to me, being surrounded by those you love most and being able to make them happy, being able to make their lives better.

6. What do you do when you aren’t blogging?
Taking care of my little ones or occasionally getting lost in one of my new dramas on television.

7. What are your dreams for your future?
To raise my children to be good, happy, and stable men, and for my husband and i to one day be able to take that trip to Ireland.

8. What makes you unique?
I dont know that i am all that unique, but if i were to pick something that might make me unique it would be my ability to persevere and my very strange love for all things zombie.

9. What is one thing you think would make the world a better place?
This is a tough one and if asked 20 years ago my answer would have been different, but now i think the best answer is strength. People use to be much stronger and could handle much more, but so many people now just give up or quit when things get hard, it is no longer being taught that strength is just as important as all of the other things. Strength is a very important key to life and survival.

10. What would your Apocalypse look like, and who and what role would you play in it?
Zombies of course, and i would be the one who saves everyone from the zombies and themselves.

My nominees are


Your questions are

1. What do you think is your best quality?
2. What is your biggest regret?
3. Name someone you have looked up to in life, and tell us why.
4. If you had to choose between being a cop or a doctor which would you choose and why?
5. Have you ever been in a fight, if so what was it over?
6. If you could meet one person alive or passed on who would it be, and why?
7. Have you ever had a near death experience?
8. Have you ever experienced a miracle, if so what was it?
9. What is your favorite show or movie?
10. Do you think a person can ever truly change or not?

Again thanks so much laura for nominating me, this was fun. If you dont know these awesome bloggers you should check them out, they do not disappoint.

For my Husband

me and darrell a month after we met, i was 17

me and darrell a month after we met, i was 17

me, darrell, dominik, and dj

me, darrell, dominik, and dj

Me and Darrell

Me and Darrell 2 years ago

On this day (July 31st) three years ago, you took a huge gamble and married me, that was the best day of my life. I have no idea what i could have possibly done in this life of mine, to deserve such a wonderful man, but i am so grateful. You are my love, you are my strength, you are my heart, You have made all of my dreams come true.There isnt anything about you that i would ever change, im even in love with that Irish stubbornness that you have sometimes.
You are my soul mate, you are the one person who has always been there for me, even when my own mother and family wanted nothing to do with me, you were there. We have been together for almost 14 years now, nearly half of my life, and i feel as though you are a part of my very soul. You stood by me even when i was at my worst and i didnt wanna know myself. To express my love for you with words is almost impossible but here is my attempt. I would say that i love you so much that i would die for you, but thats to easy, I will live for you, i will live for us and our family, and i swear that i will love you more with each year that passes until the day that i am gone from this earth. Happy anniversary babe, I love you.