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Some Women

images (59)Okay so i have to know, what exactly is this womans goal or purpose in life? To make men want her? I mean really is that it? She may be good for a one night stand but i dont know any man that would say i want that for a wife. Because from what i know of her she has absolutely no other skills except the ability to look good!
Maybe that is enough for some people but for me i just couldnt live that way, i take a lot of pride in taking care of my own kids, being a good cook, knowing how to fish, and hunt, and do a hard days work. I feel so sorry for this woman because yeah shes hot and rich but beauty fades and money can only buy so much.
Now the really sad thing is that this is what young girls are seeing, women like this and they think that is how women are supposed to be. Its crazy the way some women behave now, everything is all about looks and nothing else, i mean i can look hot if i feel the need to but i would much rather show off the fact that i can cut a tree down just as well as a man can, or that i can change the spark plugs in my truck. What do you think? Do you think women focus to much on appearance now and not enough on more important things?


What I am about to talk about is in no way an effort to condemn anyone who may have had this procedure done. It is however an effort to convince women not to do it in the future . The topic I want to discuss today is one of great controversy, Abortion! Abortion is one of the most highly debated issues all over the world. Because it involves 2 people physically and many more emotionally. So i want to take a little time to tell you what i think about some of the most commonly made statements. One of the most common opinions is that the woman who is pregnant has the right to do whatever she wants because it is her body. I say that is a load of crap! Because while the child is inside her body tdonniehe baby itself is not a part of her, but rather a living part of her and the babies father, and that is the part she wants to kill not herself but another living being. And I’m sure that right now there arw a lot of pro choice people screaming at their computer screen saying, its not living its just a fetus. Well you can call it a tomato for all i care the fact remains that a babies heart starts beating. within 4 weeks after the mothers last. menstrual period, and if it has a heartbeat then it is alive. now what is it called when someone kills another living person, no matter what age they are? Murder! So why is it okay for a mother to murder her unsuspecting, innocent baby? Now lets talk about the cruelty comments . I have heard several people say it is cruel to force a woman to have a baby she doesn’t want, I have a different opinion here as well. These days there is more then enough knowledge about pregnancy prevention floating around, so that no one should be ignorant about it anymore. and if you’re not smart enough to take these preventative measures then you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place. Think abput this if a person go’s out and commits a crime they get put in jail, right. Well it could be looked at as cruel to put a person in a cage, and force them to stay there, away from their family and against their will. Does this mean we should open the door and let them go home? No, of course not. They did something and now have to suffer the consequences. The same can be said with accidental pregnancy you know it is a possibility that yoy could get pregnant, so if you can not handle the consequences of your actions then don’t do the act. Now this brings up the question what if she didn’t do the act? What if she was raped? While i can definitely understand a woman not wanting to have a baby that was conceived by rape, i still do not agree with abortion. There are other options, like the morning after pill that can be used up to 5 days after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. Notice i said prevent pregnancy. Many people think that the morning after pill is like an abortion that you swallow. This is completely untrue. It actually does nothing to a baby but prevents ovulation so that a baby is never conceived. Okay as with just about everything else in this world their are a few exceptions to my thoughts on abortion. Numer 1. If there is a real life or death situation and the mothers life can not be saved without terminating the pregnancy, number 2. Incest for obvious reasons both physical and emotional, but mainly the physical state of the child, and 3rd. In cases where the baby has no brain activity or would just barely be able to suffer through life. Cases like these should be the only reason that an abortion is ever performed. Not because a baby would be an inconvenience or make you uncomfortable. That is just heartbreaking, if you don’t want a baby, then give the child up for adoption. There are so many people in this world unable to have children. Don’t kill the blessing you have received but if you’re not ready for it then pass the blessing on to someone who will treasure it. So in conclusion please women don’t allow yourself to be blinded by what society considers okay, abortion most certainly is not okay. I truly hope this helps someone, if it prevents just one abortion then it was more than worth it. Thanks for reading

Feminism Ridiculousness at its best

anger-enjoyimages (22)I am seriously annoyed with some of the women in this country, it seems like no one understands what is important anymore. everywhere i look there are more women complaining. MY daughter likes pink and it bothers me, i am a woman and i deserve more rights, i am a woman so i should be able to murder my baby without judgment. These kinds of topics are all over the televisions newspapers and internet. So Here are some solutions. #1. Pink is a color if a color has the power to bother you that much you are a very shallow person and you need something more to fill up your day, just be happy that you have a daughter, mine is no longer with me. #2. Women have the same rights as men in this country stop whining, you have made it, you are there, you are equal, actually that last one is not true women now have more rights than men do.#3. If you do something evil and gross people are going to think of you differently.
I recently saw a post on wordpess that was talking about how a woman had used crack while she was pregnant and the baby died, she was charged with depraved heart murder. anyway long story short the person who wrote this post was like so happy because this woman got by with murder,she was saying thank you to this woman like she had just saved a baby from a burning building rather than the fact that she just killed her own, it actually made me sick to my stomach, and she was quite furious with me for saying the situation was disgusting. Then proceeded to inform me how breeders like me make her sick and that my boys should be taught respect, or they would end up dead or in prison with the other rapists and murderers. Now i was trying to hold back my anger until then but that comment was the last straw. For one thing I teach my children to respect those who deserve their respect, and to leave the trashy ones alone altogether, but it wasnt that she tried to make it personal that really bothered me, it was that this is a commen attitude towards boys and men now, and that makes me so sad for my sons. But i will try my hardest to raise my children right and teach them never to take crap from a woman just because she is a woman. And i can speak up and say women stop acting stupid try to remember what is important in life. I know its been a long time since most of you have done that ( if ever) but please try. Now dont get me wrong i know there are still some good women out there, but man its getting bad, i would say maybe 4 out of every 10 women are actually good moral women. How has it gotten this far? how have women, the ones who were once thought of as the most moral and nurturing, turned into this. I dont know, but it really is a sad situation.