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Blogging and Followers



Hey everyone as of today i have been blogging for exactly one year, yay.
It really doesnt seem like it has been that long, i mean im just now getting use to calling myself a blogger.
It has been great though, i have gotten to know some amazing, and truly inspiring people, and maybe, (hopefully) even helped a few along the way.
One thing that happened that i didnt expect, is that blogging has really helped me in a big way, its helped me to see my self in a different light. When i first started this i still felt like a failure, even though i had already been clean for more than 2 years, i still felt like that same drug addict and alcoholic, but now i dont. Writing things out and letting everyone see who i really am has helped me discover things about myself that i didnt realize before. I love blogging and i so enjoy reading all my followers comments, your support and encouragement means so much to me, after all without followers blogging really doesnt mean much at all. So a very special thank you to all of my friends and followers, it has been great getting to know all of you, and i look forward to another year of crazy posts and comments.

Diana Roark aka mommyx4boys

You Are Awesome

images (48)Hey everybody just wanted to let you know how awesome yawl are. I now have 400 followers, did i mention that you’re awesome? I appreciate each and every one of you so much,and i never imagined that so many people would care to read what i write. I started my blog in hopes of helping others whether that be for addiction or for the loss of a child or anything else i could be helpful with, but having this blog has really helped me, meeting all of you wonderful people has helped me discover things about myself that i was otherwise unaware of. You have all been a huge inspiration for me, So i just wanted to take minute to say thanks and you rock.

Promote Your Blog

download (11)This post is not all about me, this post is for anyone who has ever went a day or two with out gaining any new followers, likes, or comments. It drives me crazy when that happens,images (30) so if you have been there then this post is for you. In the comments section feel free to leave a link to your blog as well as telling people a little bit on what your blog is about. I hope this helps everyone.

An open letter to my friends and followers ( THANK YOU )

Me this past christmas

Me this past christmas

Hey everyone, it feels like it has been forever since i posted anything, but it has actually only been like 4 days, lol. Anyway my mind has been going a mile a minute for a good while, with all of the business of loans, houses, and credit scores going on, which unfortunately we did not get the house we wanted. It was considered to be in a high risk flood zone, so just flood insurance would have been 200 extra a month, which adds up to 2,400 extra every single year. So they would not approve the loan, and on top of that there has been another issue to just recently arise, that has everyone on edge, and worried. I cant really go into the details right now, but i will later. All i can really say about it right now, is that we are that much more anxious to move because of it.
I cant tell you how much all of my new friendships here on wordpress have meant to me, i have met some truly wonderful and inspiring people, who have helped me see stuff about myself that i never realized before. My tiny little blog which was initially meant to help others has probably helped me more than it will ever help anyone else. It has became my escape, my refuge, a place where i can come and bear my soul, and even though i have told you some of my darkest and worst moments, i have never felt anything other than encouragement and support from you. Those are very important things to have for anyone, but for a recovering drug addict, and alcoholic, it is that much more important. I especially am constantly doubting myself not my sobriety, but myself. Am i really a good person now, or am i just kidding myself, am i really a good mother, wife, friend, daughter, i could go on and on. But my new friends here have no reason to lie to me, you all dont have to worry about running into me at the grocery store, so there are no awkward moments trying to be avoided. You dont want anything from me, (which is good cause i have nothing to offer). You are my friends simply because you want to be. And you have no idea how much that means to someone like me. So thank you all so much, i appreciate and value each and every one of you.

Your friend Diana
aka mommyx4boys


images (32)download (12)Hey everyone, i just joined Desmond Tutu’s global forgiveness challenge. I have never had a problem forgiving others, that actually comes quite easily for me. But what doesnt come easily or at all it seems is forgiving myself, i have made a lot of bad choices in my life, and caused everyone i love a lot of pain, mainly because of drugs and alcohol, but i made them none the less. I thought that with time i would be able to move on and begin to feel like a decent human being, but it hasnt happened yet. It is hard for me to even have a normal argument with my husband because somewhere in the middle of it, i start telling my self that after everything i put him through i have no right to argue about anything. ( He doesnt say that, i just think it about myself.) And I have so many wonderful followers who are always telling me how i am a great woman, and how strong i am. which is so very appreciated, but i always feel like they are talking about someone else, and like i dont really deserve what they are saying. I know that my husband, children, and everyone else who matters, has forgiven me but how do i forgive myself? I hope that the next 30 days of going through this challenge will bring me a little bit closer to the forgiveness i am seeking. Here is the link to the forgiveness challenge in case anyone else needs some help with forgiving.