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6 month anniversary

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Hey everybody, i was just sitting here watching The Walking Dead marathon, which i didnt even know about until my friend Melissa told me, crazy right. She also nominated me for the very inspiring blogger award, since i just got this award the other day i am not gonna be doing another post on it, but i wanted to say thank you very much to Melissa from and if you havent read her blog and followed her yet you definitely should, she is awesome.

Anyway i was watching The Walking Dead marathon when i realized that today marks my six month anniversary for trying to make things right. Awsomeness, woot woot.
We have came a long way in 6 months, with 314 followers and 5,637 views. I realize compared to other peoples blogs those numbers are tiny, but to me they are huge and amazing. There are 314 people that i have never met, who care what i think, that amazes me. I never imagined that this blog would be so important to me. When i started it i had never even read a blog, and barely new what a blog was, i just thought hey why not, but now it matters to me. I have met some wonderful people who i now think of as very dear friends, i know a lot of people dont think friendships made over the internet are real friendships, but to me they are. The friends that i have made here mean just as much to me as any friend i have ever had, and i am very grateful for each and every one of you.
In the process of creating this blog i have learned a lot, including one of the most helpful things that i have ever learned, which is that its okay to forgive myself for the things i have done wrong. When i started this blog i felt like i was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders with no where to unload, but this is a place where i can do just that, and hopefully help someone else in the process. I am so glad i decided to start this blog, it has made me a better person, talking with each and every one of you has made me a better person, So i thank you for that. Heres to another six months. Also i have noticed a lot of people still call me mommyx4boys which is fine if thats what you prefer, but my name is Diana Roark so feel free to call me Diana if you want.

An open letter to my friends and followers ( THANK YOU )

Me this past christmas

Me this past christmas

Hey everyone, it feels like it has been forever since i posted anything, but it has actually only been like 4 days, lol. Anyway my mind has been going a mile a minute for a good while, with all of the business of loans, houses, and credit scores going on, which unfortunately we did not get the house we wanted. It was considered to be in a high risk flood zone, so just flood insurance would have been 200 extra a month, which adds up to 2,400 extra every single year. So they would not approve the loan, and on top of that there has been another issue to just recently arise, that has everyone on edge, and worried. I cant really go into the details right now, but i will later. All i can really say about it right now, is that we are that much more anxious to move because of it.
I cant tell you how much all of my new friendships here on wordpress have meant to me, i have met some truly wonderful and inspiring people, who have helped me see stuff about myself that i never realized before. My tiny little blog which was initially meant to help others has probably helped me more than it will ever help anyone else. It has became my escape, my refuge, a place where i can come and bear my soul, and even though i have told you some of my darkest and worst moments, i have never felt anything other than encouragement and support from you. Those are very important things to have for anyone, but for a recovering drug addict, and alcoholic, it is that much more important. I especially am constantly doubting myself not my sobriety, but myself. Am i really a good person now, or am i just kidding myself, am i really a good mother, wife, friend, daughter, i could go on and on. But my new friends here have no reason to lie to me, you all dont have to worry about running into me at the grocery store, so there are no awkward moments trying to be avoided. You dont want anything from me, (which is good cause i have nothing to offer). You are my friends simply because you want to be. And you have no idea how much that means to someone like me. So thank you all so much, i appreciate and value each and every one of you.

Your friend Diana
aka mommyx4boys