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My girl Sookie

I love love love my new car, well its not actually new but it is new for me to be the one driving it and it has a new paint job. It was all red and the paint was chipping off but me and my hubby painted it, she looks so much better now! Thats right i said she, i am one of those people now and her name is sookie, lol. Here is a picture of my girl sookie before and after paint. She is so beautiful! A big thankyou to my wonderful husband for teaching me how to tape her up, and to paint, I have learned so much from him.


Childish Things


We went out and got a black light to put in our basement,  and I have been having so much fun its crazy.
Whoever it was that said when you grow up its time to put the childish things away, was sooo wrong. I enjoy it a lot more now than I did back when I was younger. Anyway just thought I would share that a blacklight and markers can be really fun, even if you’re all growd up, lol.

Challenge (The weirdest dream you have ever had)

my beautiful boy

my beautiful boy

images (4)The weirdest dream i ever had, was scary and sad while i was dreaming it, but now it is pretty hilarious.

When i was pregnant with our first son, i dreamt that my baby was an egg, (yes an egg),  and i kept my very special egg on a shelf where i could constantly check on it to make sure it was okay and see if it had hatched. It was my husbands birthday and i was throwing him a big birthday party, well while i was preparing his cake i realized i only had 2 eggs and i needed 3, so i was upset. My mother then came in the kitchen and said whats wrong,  i told her i couldn’t make Darrell’s cake because i only had 2 eggs, so she started to rummage through her purse and said here you can use this one. I said thank you and finished making his cake. Well the party went very well and everyone had a good time, when people started to leave i went to check on my little egg/baby and it was gone. I started freaking out and i ran in the living room to tell Darrell and my mother that it was gone, my mom spoke up and said are you talking about the egg you had on that shelf ?  I said yes have you seen it, and she said that is the egg i gave you for the cake. I started to scream and cry and ran to the kitchen where the cake was, to figure out how to get my egg/baby out of the cake, but the cake had been cooked and half eaten. I hit my knees and just starting screaming, and that is when i woke up. When i woke up i was still crying and shaking, and it still amazes me how real such a stupid dream could feel.

So my challenge for you is to tell me about your weirdest dreams,  write a post about your weirdest dream, and then either send me the link to it or leave something about it in the comments, and I will reblog it.  but keep it clean, cause if you have a potty mouth I will not be able to reblog it. Im anxious to see if anyone cant top this one, lol. 🙂

Guessing Game

How fast can you guess these words?

1. Boo-s

2. – -ndom

3. f- -k

4. p-n-s

5. pu-s-

6. s-x


Answers 1. Books 2. Random 3. Fork 4. Pants 5. Pulse 6. Six

You got all six wrong, didnt you ? You dirty minded freak

One Lovely Blog Award

download (19)Hey everybody,
I was just nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award by one of my absolute best blogging buddies, April at she is an amazing person who has been a big inspiration to me and a great friend as well, if you dont already follow her i highly recommend you do so now.

There are a few guidlines that come With accepting this award
1. Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
2. Display the One Lovely Blog Award on your blog.
3. Share 7 things about yourself.
4. Nominate 15 bloggers you admire, and let them know by commenting on their blog.

Seven things about me…
1. Im still kinda afraid of the dark, dont laugh at me i said Kinda.
2. I would have 4 more babies if my body would let me, well and my husband, lol.
3. On July 27th i will have been clean and sober for 3 years.
4. All i ever want to be is a good woman, a great wife, and a better mom.
5. I would rather be punched in the eye than have someone i love mad at me.
6. I go crazy over Halloween, everything gets decorated and i love every second of it, in fact i would be happy if i could keep it that way all year long.
7. I think one of the most important things i can teach my children is to be happy with the simple things in life.

And now for my nominees


Thanks again for nominating me April, you are such a sweetie.
And if you guys dont know all these amazing bloggers then make sure you go check em out and click that follow button you wont be disappointed.

A Most Embarassing Challenge

images (43)images (44)What is the most embarrassing thing that you have ever done or that has ever been done to you?
For me it is tough to pick just one thing, through the years i have done a lot of stupid and embarrassing stuff, but i think i know the most embarrassing event.
When Darrell and i were dating i was 17 and a binge drinker. We had been dating for about a month when i got completely wasted and passed out, nothing unusual about that at the time, until i awoke in the morning and the bed was soaked. Darrell was still asleep next to me and i was mortified as i came to the realization that I had peed on my boyfriend, thats right boys and girls, i was so drunk that i had peed in the bed. I was so embarrassed i thought i was going to die. Anyone else im sure would have never stopped talking about it, and would have constantly made fun of me for it, but he never even mentioned it.
Now here we are almost 14 years later married with children and the only bed wetting that is going on is the occasional accident by one of our kids, lol.
So here is the challenge write a post about your most embarrassing moment and either do a pingback here, or let me know about it in the comments section and i will reblog it. I am really anxious to see if anyone can top my story, i hope someone can, lol.

Cartoon craziness cat in a hat

Okay last time i didnt do as i was supposed to so this time i followed the rules for my friend the indecisive eejit’s challenge. This is my cartoon craziness cat-woman in a hat.