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We Miss you

tumblr_l8n3sef4vO1qbujoxToday is my daughters birthday. If she were still with us she would be 6 years old today, but the Lord needed her to come home.
Her name was Rain mckayla and i think about her and miss her every single day that i live, but on this day, it is overwhelming. Oh how i wish she were still here, i wish i could scoop her up in my arms and cover her with birthday kisses, i wish i could have a party for my little girl where we would shower her with gifts and watch her blow out birthday candles, but i cant do that, so instead sometime this week we will buy her some flowers and a small toy to place on her grave. We will visit our daughter and tell her how much we love her and miss her, we will tell her how one day mommy and daddy will be coming home to be with her, and that until then we will hold her in our hearts.
Happy Birthday Rain
we love you
mommy, daddy and your brothers