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Near Death Experience

Hey everybody, i hope all yawl out there in bloggy land are doing good.
I am great but soooooo sore, the past few days my hubby and i have been on a job chopping and splitting wood and that stuff is hard work, but i love it. I would much rather be doing the really strenuous type of labor than doing laundry or something like that. Plus as an added bonus, i unintentionally scared my husband half to death. See he was using the chainsaw and i would come and grab the logs to take over to the wood splitter. Well i was running out of the logs he had done in another section, so i went up behind him and was picking a log up and when he went to turn around he kinda swung the chainsaw,(not knowing i was behind him) and he just barely missed my head. I know it scared the crap out of him because all of the color left his face. Truthfully i really shouldnt have been behind him but i wasnt thinking at the time, needless to say i’ll not do that again. Here are some pics.