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The Mirror Lies


She doesnt feel pretty she hasnt for a while,
in the mirror when she looks she cant make herself smile.
The time of her beauty has passed her by,
her reflection proves it she starts to cry.
The mirror is no longer her friend,
but when its not near her she can still pretend.
The love of her life enters and says,
the more lovely you get with each day that passes,
if you really cant see this perhaps you need glasses.
You’re my life my love and i’ll tell you whats true,
i see nothing but perfection when i look at you.
She sees herself in his eyes,
and thats when she knows the mirror lies

An Addicts plea

Me a couple years ago.

Me a couple years ago.

I am so sorry for the things i have done, if i could go back not only would i go, i would run.
But retain my memories i would, so i remember what not to do and what i should.
I wish i had always been the person that i am now, but i couldnt back then i didnt know how.
The lies i told i can not count, i wonder will my loved ones always doubt?
So i ask of you this, see me as i am, really see, im not the same as i used to be.

Where My Peeps at? Again

abduction12-300x236images (46)
Okay so im just wondering, am i like one of the last few people left on wordpress or what, cause there hasnt been hardly any posting or commenting going on lately. Here are some of my theories as to what may have happened.

1. There was an alien abduction that i am unaware of, and they left me because they only wanted intelligent life.

2. Maybe there is a strange smell coming from my blog that is keeping people away, totally explainable by the way.

3. Perhaps people were afraid of being urinated on after reading my most embarrassing challenge post, I dont drink anymore so its safe.

4. Maybe you could hear my kids screaming and fighting through the computer screen and you were afraid i would ask you to babysit. I wont, unless i get really mad at you.

5. Did you grow tired of hearing about my love for all things zombie? Its totally not my fault it is a disease.

6. Maybe ethyl has been spreading rumors again, dont listen to her she is a filthy liar, i dont have cuties.

It could be either one of these, but I need to know, Where are my peeps at? 😉

late term abortion lies

I just got through reading an article that made me so mad i am actually shaking as i type. This article was defending late term abortions, and the content of this article was complete and total horse crap. Its crazy that there are so many people all riled up over a woman hunting large game in Africa, but we allow this kind of thing to happen to unborn babies. In case any of you arent aware anything after 20 weeks gestation is considered a late term abortion. Ok the article i just read stated that babies can not feel pain until they are born, which is absolutely not true. A baby is most susceptible to pain between 20 and 25 weeks its a medical fact and aside from that i know when my son was born at 23 weeks he had to have a fentanyl pump going all the time (very strong pain medicine). it also said that babies are unconscious while in the womb, any woman who has been pregnant knows how stupid that is. i dont think anyone who is unconscious could kick that hard. I just do not understand what is wrong with people and how they can justify this behavior. Now even with late term abortions the most used statement is that its not a baby yet, well im gonna show you some pictures of my son donnie when he was born, at 23 weeks which is when a lot of these abortions are performed and even later, and you tell me if you think this is already a baby or not.PLUM2G