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My Wonderful Husband

My husband was just given a very good raise at work and he didnt even ask for one, yay. Congratulations babe im so proud of you and it gos right along with what I have been telling you, you’re awesome and everybody knows it. I love you.

Stay off the roads

20150208_141549-1Hey everybody,
im not sure if i have ever mentioned it on here or not but i have never had my license, not even a learners permit.
When i was about 14 i was always in trouble and they slapped a bunch of fines on me so i couldnt get my license until i paid them off, well i finally went and paid off my fines. So yesterday after paying $717.00 and at 30 years old i finally got my learners permit, yay. And now i can go get my motorcycle learners to, im super excited.
Check out my motorcycle attire, lol.

Stupid People

This is the house we are wanting, it has a beautiful little creek that runs right in front.

This is the house we are wanting, it has a beautiful little creek that runs right in front.

I am so seriously annoyed write now. I havent mentioned that we are in the process of trying to buy a home but we are, and no one seems to know what the frig they are doing. Weve been trying to repair our credit and it has worked, we now have a score of around 700, and we have been pre approved for a home loan, but the type of loan we have been approved for is ridiculous. Like if there is one broken window in the house they will deny it, REALLY? The area we live in is full of houses that were built in like 1902 and earlier, so there are gonna be a few little things that need to be fixed. I just thought you know, fix the credit, get a loan, and done, but no they gotta be stupid and throw in all this extra crap. If any of yawl know anything about usda home loans let me know, and keep me and my family in your prayers, I want this house so badly, and im really praying we will be able to get it and soon.