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Question Of The Day – Racism

Todays question is this, why is it that if a white person says something like I dont think Obama is a good president, then they are called racist but a black person can call for the murder of innocent white people and that is not considered racist? If you hate someone because of the color of their skin that is racism, whether that color is white, black, yellow, or brown! Every race has the potential to be racist because every race has people within that race that are just flat out stupid! What do yawl think about this, leave a comment and let me know! YouTube-Threats-Against-Whites-Police-640x480-1

All men are not the same

Dr. Martin Luther King jr

Dr. Martin Luther King jr

Serial killer, Ted Bundy

Serial killer, Ted Bundy

I want to talk about something that is very important to me, i want to talk about how society is developing a very negative attitude towards men. This is something that needs to be addressed and stopped.  I know that there are men who have done terrible things in this world, but there are many more men who have done extraordinary and wonderful things, and to put all men in the same category simply because they are male is preposterous. If all men are the same because they are male then it stands to reason that all women must be the same because they are female. So i ask you are all women the same as Andrea Yates, the woman who drowned her five children in her bathtub in 2001? Are all women the same as Casey Anthony, the woman who ( regardless of what the courts said)  killed her 2 year old daughter?  Are all women the same as Aileen Wuornos, the serial killer who killed 7 men, in 1989 and 1990? I could continue with hundreds more examples of women who have done evil things, but i think you get the point. Not all men are the same, not all women are the same, and it is really disturbing that there is this growing hatred for men, as if all the men in the world are responsible for the evil acts of others, just because they were male. This really bothers me, because the best people i know are men, my husband, my father, my 4 children, all of the sexism towards men is something that frightens me when i think about my boys futures. You would think that with all the intelligence people claim to have in this day and age, that they would be smart enough to know that, women and men both have the ability to do evil as well as good, and that neither sex is better than the other, we each have wonderful characteristics, and some that arent so wonderful. So please stop with all of the bullcrap about all men being the same, because if all men are the same so are all women, and if that is true then every person in the world is a murderer, a rapist, and any other vile thing you can think of. The pictures above are the perfect example of how all men are not the same. Stop the hate, it  helps nothing.

Figure it out people

12 Year old Tamir Rice

12 Year old Tamir Rice

I am curious about something, there has been so much up roar over the Michael Brown case and so many people expressing outrege over it, but the man had just robbed a store and then he assaulted an officer and tried to take his gun, They proved that with eye witness testimony and forensic science. Now i am sorry that a man lost his life but if you attack anybody who has a gun you will probably get shot.
What im curious about is how come there are so many protests and so much outrage for Michael Brown who actually did do something very wrong, but there hasnt been anywhere near the same amount of anger over 12 year old Tamir Rice who was shot and killed by a police officer for having a toy gun? I mean come on what is the deal? I swear i just dont understand what is going on in peoples heads anymore. Some things definitely deserve fury and anger, but i dont think anyone knows which ones do and which ones dont anymore. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tamir’s family.
Oh and it seems a lot of people dont know what the definition of murder is so i thought i would include it here. MURDER – The unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse.

Ferguson case

I am curious to hear everyones thoughts on the outcome of this case, do you think justice was served or not?


What I am about to talk about is in no way an effort to condemn anyone who may have had this procedure done. It is however an effort to convince women not to do it in the future . The topic I want to discuss today is one of great controversy, Abortion! Abortion is one of the most highly debated issues all over the world. Because it involves 2 people physically and many more emotionally. So i want to take a little time to tell you what i think about some of the most commonly made statements. One of the most common opinions is that the woman who is pregnant has the right to do whatever she wants because it is her body. I say that is a load of crap! Because while the child is inside her body tdonniehe baby itself is not a part of her, but rather a living part of her and the babies father, and that is the part she wants to kill not herself but another living being. And I’m sure that right now there arw a lot of pro choice people screaming at their computer screen saying, its not living its just a fetus. Well you can call it a tomato for all i care the fact remains that a babies heart starts beating. within 4 weeks after the mothers last. menstrual period, and if it has a heartbeat then it is alive. now what is it called when someone kills another living person, no matter what age they are? Murder! So why is it okay for a mother to murder her unsuspecting, innocent baby? Now lets talk about the cruelty comments . I have heard several people say it is cruel to force a woman to have a baby she doesn’t want, I have a different opinion here as well. These days there is more then enough knowledge about pregnancy prevention floating around, so that no one should be ignorant about it anymore. and if you’re not smart enough to take these preventative measures then you shouldn’t be having sex in the first place. Think abput this if a person go’s out and commits a crime they get put in jail, right. Well it could be looked at as cruel to put a person in a cage, and force them to stay there, away from their family and against their will. Does this mean we should open the door and let them go home? No, of course not. They did something and now have to suffer the consequences. The same can be said with accidental pregnancy you know it is a possibility that yoy could get pregnant, so if you can not handle the consequences of your actions then don’t do the act. Now this brings up the question what if she didn’t do the act? What if she was raped? While i can definitely understand a woman not wanting to have a baby that was conceived by rape, i still do not agree with abortion. There are other options, like the morning after pill that can be used up to 5 days after unprotected sex to prevent pregnancy. Notice i said prevent pregnancy. Many people think that the morning after pill is like an abortion that you swallow. This is completely untrue. It actually does nothing to a baby but prevents ovulation so that a baby is never conceived. Okay as with just about everything else in this world their are a few exceptions to my thoughts on abortion. Numer 1. If there is a real life or death situation and the mothers life can not be saved without terminating the pregnancy, number 2. Incest for obvious reasons both physical and emotional, but mainly the physical state of the child, and 3rd. In cases where the baby has no brain activity or would just barely be able to suffer through life. Cases like these should be the only reason that an abortion is ever performed. Not because a baby would be an inconvenience or make you uncomfortable. That is just heartbreaking, if you don’t want a baby, then give the child up for adoption. There are so many people in this world unable to have children. Don’t kill the blessing you have received but if you’re not ready for it then pass the blessing on to someone who will treasure it. So in conclusion please women don’t allow yourself to be blinded by what society considers okay, abortion most certainly is not okay. I truly hope this helps someone, if it prevents just one abortion then it was more than worth it. Thanks for reading

Why Mommy ( Abortion )

fdsa 011My smile will never be seen, my laugh will never be heard, they called me a parasite this is absurd.
My mommy decided abortion was best, i wish i had a voice so i could protest.
If i did i would say mommy please dont let me go, this is my life and i want it so,
Please mommy dont take my life away, i like it here and i really wanna stay.
What have i done, and what can i do, its not my fault im inside you.
But a voice i do not have so soon i will die, how could you do this to me mommy please tell me why?

This is MY blog

20140703_194209-1-1I will never change my morals or write something i dont agree with because someone else thinks i should. This is my blog and i will write anything i please, acting stupid and calling me a bigot because i think abortion is murder does not bother me in the slightest, it will not make me change my opinion, it will not make me stop talking about it, it will not even make me talk softer about it, so dont waste your time.
If you are looking for a blog where the writer is going to kiss up to you and agree with everything you say just so you will continue to follow, then this is the wrong place.
I will never do that, if i dont agree with you i am gonna say so, and me personally i would never want someone to say they agree with me about something if they dont, actually that would make me mad. Whether i like their opinion or not i would rather know the truth.
Why are so many people like that now its like if one person disagrees with them they feel like their world is about to shatter, have an opinion and own it, but dont expect everyone else in the world to agree with you, because it is a certainty that they wont.


Baby found in dumpster

The baby in this picture is beautiful isnt he. This little guy is also incredibly lucky to be alive, because you see for some reason his 16 year old mother decided she didnt want him, but instead of giving him up for adoption, she decided it was a much better idea to throw him in a white trash bag along with umbilical cord and afterbirth, tie it up and toss him into the dumpster. Now there are so many aspects of this that break my heart. One thing is that this is so common now a days that you have barely heard a mention of this in the news, its like this stuff happens all the time so its not really news worthy. Another thing that i am furious about is that the article i read said they are trying to decide what the charges will be or if there will be any at all. Are you kidding me? It is pretty friggen obvious to me. This girl tied her baby up in a trash bag and threw him in a dumpster, where if he had not been found he would have either froze to death or suffocated. Can you imagine the fear this baby felt barely being able to breImageath, alone in the dark dumpster, so cold his little hands and feet were probably starting to go numb. And they are not sure if there will be any charges. How about attempted murder, how about you imagine someone did this to your child and then tell me what the charges should be, and How about you dont let this girl get by with this, because you are sending an obvious message to the sickos in the world that this kind of behavior is acceptable, and they will have no consequences. Where is the outrage for this baby who almost lost his life in such a cruel manner, and by the hands of his mother. My God people this is our country why are we not throwing a fit about this kind of stuff. Why are we not protecting the ones who can not protect themselves . How did we get so far gone that these things not only happen now but happen so often that most people barely bat an eye when they hear of it. I cant answer these questions so if any of you have the answers please share them with me.