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Obama addressing the nation

About to watch Obama on CNN in case anyone else wants to watch it’s on now!

Question of the day – Religious Rights

Today’s question of the day is, why are liberals and Obama so concerned about a Muslims religious rights but they want to take away a Christians?


So Confused

imagesOkay i am now convinced that Obama will not be satisfied until the U.S.A is blown off the map , what is wrong with this man i mean as if he hasnt screwed up this country enough already now he is doing this nuclear deal with Iran! Why is he still in the white house? Why has he not bean impeached yet? With every day that passes, and every day that he is in power this country is in more and more trouble. Lord help us because who knows what condition our country will be in by the time elections role around.

Police officers should walk out


Why do we even have police officers? Seriously,  I mean if they do their job and protect us against criminals then we are just going to ruin their careers, put them on trial, and call them murderers. I would not blame them if every police officer out there just quit right now. Police officers cant even protect themselves against a violent criminal without worrying about being prosecuted for it, so how can we expect them to continue to do their jobs. I think they should all just walk out, and let eveyone see how bad things would be without them.
What a sad shape our nation is in, that we treat the good guys like the criminals.
Thanks Obama.

If you disagree with me you are a Racist

images (42)In this day and age people are so quick to give you a label it will make your head spin. The other day i was having a conversation with a woman i met through wordpress, and everything was going great, until we started to talk about politics. We were talking about President Obama and i said i couldnt wait until we have a new president and that i think Obama is one of the worst presidents we have ever had. Her response shocked the crap out of me, she said oh i didnt realize i was talking to a racist goodbye. My first thought was, what just happened.Then as the shock started to wear off i got mad. This person had no interest in finding out why i think Obama is a bad president, she just jumped right to racism. So I was called a racist simply because i dont like what this person stands for, and they happen to be a different color than me. Seriously? So because i didnt think Bill Clinton was a good president either, what does that make me? People need to stop being so friggen dramatic all the time, calling someone racist, or a bigot, or sexist, or anything else without a reason to do so just makes you look stupid, and by doing things like that you really hurt the cause of trying to stop racism, because its hard to take someone seriously when they keep throwing words around that they seem to not even know the meaning of. So for anyone out there reading this, disagreeing with someone of a different color does not make you a racist,so please if you dont know what the word racist means just keep your mouth shut. Thanks