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Shout Out Award

one-crazy-life-to-another-award (1) image.w174h200f3 (1) Yay i was just given the shout out award by Amanda at spreadingcrazysmiles. Woo hoo told you i was awesome, lol. if you havent read her blog you should definitely head over there, she has a lot to say and isnt afraid to say it, which is something i hold in high regard, especially since most people now a days are to busy tip toeing over the sensitive issues, to say how they really feel.
It is my understanding that one of the reasons i was given this award, is because i am not afraid to give my opinion, is it really that obvious? lol,
I am definitely not the type of person to hold back when it comes to something i am passionate about, which a lot of people may see that as a bad thing, but i dont. Whether you agree with me or not at least you will know where i stand, and that i am not going to change my mind for popularity points, that is my integrity and it is not for sell at any price. Anyway i am now supposed to nominate 7 – 10 other bloggers for this award.

And the nominees are

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All of these bloggers are awesome and wonderful in their own way, so if you dont know their work already you should definitely check em out. This award is simple, to accept it just Put a link up for the blogger who nominated you in your acceptance post, and then put a link up for 7 to 10 blogs that you think deserve the award. Write some awesomeness in between and that’s it. The point of this award is just spread some happiness around. Thanks again Amanda for nominating me.