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Life Through The Lens Challenge

This weeks life through the lens challenge is Pain.
Display a photo that you have taken or a drawing that you did, which illustrates what Pain looks like to you.
This theme will be open to submissions until next tuesday September 9th, at which point it will close and a new theme will begin. When you are done with your post just do a pingback to here and at the end of every theme i will list all who participated.
This past weeks life through the lens challenge was Love, I want to say thank you to and for participating.

Life through the lens challenge – My Vision of Love

Me and dj and my grandmas arm

Me and dj and my grandmas arm

This weeks life through the lens challenge is love, i didnt draw this one because i dont think i could do it justice, or capture all of the emotion in it, im definitly not that good yet. But this is what i think love looks like. This is me at 18 holding my first born (D.j.) for the very first time, and the amount of love i felt at that moment was almost to much to handle, i personally think this picture shows that pretty clearly. I dont think there is any love stronger than the love between a (good) mother and her child it is an amazing feeling.

Guest Bloggers

images (49)Hey everybody,
im thinking about trying something new and opening my blog up to some guest bloggers, it kinda depends on how many people respond, so if you think you might be interested let me know. Just leave me a comment and we’ll go from there. Writers, photographers, artists, anyone is welcome, my only condition is if you want to guest post here, then you have to keep it fairly clean.