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Question of the day – Refugees / Vets


Question of the day, how is it we can find housing for thousands upon thousands of refugees coming into this country, but we can’t seem to find housing for the 130,000 to 200,000 veterans who are homeless? Men and women who fought and risked their lives for us, this is such a disgrace!


Obama addressing the nation

About to watch Obama on CNN in case anyone else wants to watch it’s on now!

Question of the day – Religious Rights

Today’s question of the day is, why are liberals and Obama so concerned about a Muslims religious rights but they want to take away a Christians?


Question of the day – Trump or Carson


Today’s question of the day is this, who do you think would be a better president Donald Trump or Ben Carson and why?

So Confused

imagesOkay i am now convinced that Obama will not be satisfied until the U.S.A is blown off the map , what is wrong with this man i mean as if he hasnt screwed up this country enough already now he is doing this nuclear deal with Iran! Why is he still in the white house? Why has he not bean impeached yet? With every day that passes, and every day that he is in power this country is in more and more trouble. Lord help us because who knows what condition our country will be in by the time elections role around.

Police officers should walk out


Why do we even have police officers? Seriously,  I mean if they do their job and protect us against criminals then we are just going to ruin their careers, put them on trial, and call them murderers. I would not blame them if every police officer out there just quit right now. Police officers cant even protect themselves against a violent criminal without worrying about being prosecuted for it, so how can we expect them to continue to do their jobs. I think they should all just walk out, and let eveyone see how bad things would be without them.
What a sad shape our nation is in, that we treat the good guys like the criminals.
Thanks Obama.

Figure it out people

12 Year old Tamir Rice

12 Year old Tamir Rice

I am curious about something, there has been so much up roar over the Michael Brown case and so many people expressing outrege over it, but the man had just robbed a store and then he assaulted an officer and tried to take his gun, They proved that with eye witness testimony and forensic science. Now i am sorry that a man lost his life but if you attack anybody who has a gun you will probably get shot.
What im curious about is how come there are so many protests and so much outrage for Michael Brown who actually did do something very wrong, but there hasnt been anywhere near the same amount of anger over 12 year old Tamir Rice who was shot and killed by a police officer for having a toy gun? I mean come on what is the deal? I swear i just dont understand what is going on in peoples heads anymore. Some things definitely deserve fury and anger, but i dont think anyone knows which ones do and which ones dont anymore. My thoughts and prayers go out to Tamir’s family.
Oh and it seems a lot of people dont know what the definition of murder is so i thought i would include it here. MURDER – The unlawful killing of another human being without justification or excuse.

Ferguson case

I am curious to hear everyones thoughts on the outcome of this case, do you think justice was served or not?

My Opinion on Food Stamps

Okay so earlier i asked a question about whether or not you all think that food stamps are given out to often, and to too many people who dont necessarily need them. Here is what i think.
My family has used food stamps before and i am not ashamed of it at all. My husband was working 2 jobs at the time and we were still having a hard time making ends meet, so we got some (temporary) help.
Here is the thing food stamps are supposed to be for families who are temporarily going through financial struggles, not for people who just dont wanna pay for their groceries, or for a permanent fix. It is very frustrating to see people that my husband and i actually know who are more than able to work but instead they get on food stamps, get government housing, and they have nicer things then we do.
The government is making it very easy and very appealing to simply live on welfare. The next time you drive by some low income apartments look at the vehicles in the parking lot, most of them are nicer than the cars that my husband and i have.If someone needs help there is nothing wrong with asking for it and accepting it, but i dont think it is okay to live off of the government and not at least try to help yourself.
Where i live there is a church that offers hot meals to the poor, and every single day there is a line of people going all the way down the road, at least half of which are people my husband knows very well, and they are more than capable of working, they just dont. Now there is just no excuse for that, and that is why so many people look down on those who receive anything through welfare, because of people who just wanna take and take and never provide for themselves. So i think people should be screened better and only receive help for 1 year unless they are taking steps to provide better for themselves, for example if someone wants to go to college to get a better job than great, they should be able to finish school and get a job before their benefits stop. In other words if its clear someone is trying to improve their situation the government should help them, but no one should expect to live off of the government forever.

Side note – thankyou to those who left comments on my earlier post, i was not ignoring my comments but it was all leading up to this post.

Opinion’s on Food Stamps

images (54)Hey everyone,
today i have a specific question on my mind so i thought i would post it and see what kind of responses i get.
When it comes to the welfare program, do you feel that food stamps are given out to to many people, who dont necessarily need them? I would love to hear your thoughts on the matter.