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The Mirror Lies


She doesnt feel pretty she hasnt for a while,
in the mirror when she looks she cant make herself smile.
The time of her beauty has passed her by,
her reflection proves it she starts to cry.
The mirror is no longer her friend,
but when its not near her she can still pretend.
The love of her life enters and says,
the more lovely you get with each day that passes,
if you really cant see this perhaps you need glasses.
You’re my life my love and i’ll tell you whats true,
i see nothing but perfection when i look at you.
She sees herself in his eyes,
and thats when she knows the mirror lies

This Week Has Been A Sad One

Noah Thomas May he rest in peace

Noah Thomas
May he rest in peace

Hey everybody, i hope you all are doin good. The past week here in my neck of the woods has been pretty rough.
To start with a 5 year old little boy named Noah Thomas went missing on sunday, he lived about 10 miles from me. More than a thousand people volunteered their services to find him, but sadly he was found dead in a septic tank right next to his house yesterday evening. I did not know this little boy at all but hearing that news broke my heart. In all honesty i dont know if the parents had anything to do with his death or not, i know that some of the details they provided seem shady to me but im not gonna judge them until there is a reason to, so my thoughts and prayers are definitely with them.

A few days after little Noah went missing my husbands grandmother passed away, her funeral was today, and even though i know she is not suffering anymore and she is in a much better place, it makes me so sad because this world was a better place for having her in it. She was the kind of woman that i hope i will be some day, she was 89 years old and still worked in her garden, she was the most loving and generous person you could ever meet, and she loved God with all her heart, i mean if you were in a room with her you felt like family, even if you didnt know her. She will be greatly missed.

And the other reason this week was rough is because our daughters birthday was yesterday which is always hard and on this day 7 years ago we were standing in the exact same funeral home for our daughters funeral. It was the first time we had been back to that funeral home and for it to be on the exact same day her funeral was, i guess it just hit me kinda hard.
I really hope that wherever you all are in this world, that your week is going better than ours is here.

To my daughter in Heaven

assaf-frank-softness-iToday is a not so easy day for me, you see today is my daughters birthday. Her name was Rain Mckayla and she passed away in 2008, if she were still with us she would be 7 years old today. I think about her and miss her every single day of my life but on this day the sadness is much greater. I can imagine all of the things we would be doing right now if she were with us, i would be fixing her hair and getting her ready for her party, where she would make birthday wishes and blow out birthday candles, and i would tell her how much i love her and how beautiful she looks in her birthday dress. But i cant do any of those things and my feelings about that range from extreme anger to unbearable sadness. Which is not easy to handle, so i wrote her a poem and i thought i would share it here.

My darling Rain you were taken from me years ago,
and yes you are in heaven this i know,
but i want you here with me to watch you play and grow,
So many things ill never see,
your sweet little smile or my beautiful daughter climbing a tree,
oh how i wish i could hold your hand and kiss your cheek,
and tell you how much i love you all through the week,
but i will talk to you every night when i pray,
and mommy will come home and be with you again some day.
and though no longer in my arms i will hold you in my heart,
and i promise we’ll never be far apart.

Happy Birthday Rain, mommy and daddy miss you and love you so much.

Sons of Anarchy review (spoilers)

images (55)download (28)Okay i absolutely loved The sons of Anarchy, but sadly tonight was the last episode, and i cried like a baby. Short version of what happened is he tells his kids and club goodbye, kills all the people who could cause trouble for the club, Talks to his father and says he understands everything now, Then he ends his life the same way his father did, by hitting a tractor-trailer head on. Now one weird thing they did was that the rig he ran into is the same one that took gimma to her dads house before he went and killed her. It was sad and i feel as though i just lost a friend, weird huh? I knew that he would die but i still kinda hoped in the back of my mind that maybe he would just go down to nero’s place and raise his kids right with wendy. So i dont really think it was a good or bad last episode, it was just sad. I will miss spending an hour on Tuesdays watching this awesome show.