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So sick

Hey sorry for not doing my question of the day yesterday but I have been really sick, last night I actually slept with my head on the toilet for a bit! The chic in this picture looks better than I do, I don’t get sick often but when I do it’s baaaad!



Very glamorousimage

Hey everybody,
Darrell and i are both sick and it sucks so bad, i have been sick for about a week now and he has been sick for almost 2 weeks with a stuffed up nose (that somehow still keeps running), sore throat, cough, a headache that is unbelivable, and now our ears are clogged up and hurting.
Now since i got clean i dont even like to take tylenol, i mean if i do then you know im in a lot of pain, but with this cold it just doesnt want to go away so we have been taking alka seltzer cold and flu, which doesnt really help much but anyway i thought i would share my misery with you all and give you a heads up, if you know someone who is sick stay far far away because this stuff is awful.

My poor boy

Poor D.J. has his first case of poison oak, i feel so sorry for him, he is covered with calamine lotion. I hope he doesnt react to it the way i did when i was young, i would get completely covered and my throat and eyes would swell shut. So i am keeping a very close eye on him, and i think he is starting to get annoyed with me, lol but i imagine he’ll get over it. If ya would just be praying for him or keep him in your thoughts and hopefully this will pass soon.