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Eyes are the windows to the soul


Look in someons eyes and you can see there soul,
in some you see life and joy, others just a dark hole.

Past mistakes and painful times
they make a mark and leave their lines.

Life gets hard and its easy to lose hope,
But you have to keep trying you cant just sit and mope.

Faith and endurance is what you will need,
Cause this thing called life can be tough indeed.

One Liner Wednesday


The strongest people are not those who show strength in front of us,
but those who win battles we know nothing about.

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One Liner Wednesday

If the stick doesnt work try one of these

If the stick doesnt work try one of these

“Speak softly and carry a big stick; you will go far.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

I am Strong

I was sitting alone this morning, my little ones all still asleep, and my mind began to drift.
I started thinking about my mother and her side of the family, who i havent spoken to in over 3 years and i was remembering some of the things they use to say to me, things like how i would never amount to anything, or that i would be in prison by the time i was 15. At the age of about 7 i loved playing with my mothers makeup and getting dressed up, there response was to call me their little street walker, thats a really cute thing to say to a 7 year old little girl huh?
There have been a lot of people mainly family members, who have always looked down on me, they were mean, cruel, and heartless, from the beginning it was like they were trying to set me up to fail, encouraging it, and now that i am not a failure they want no part of me.
All things considered I would have every right to hate them but i dont, no i dont hate them I am grateful.
I am grateful because i know i am strong, because of the things they said and did i know i can persevere through anything, no matter what someone throws at me i can take it. Im thankful for their hatred toward me because it has fueled the fire for me to overcome, their attempts to destroy me have not worked, because of them i am strong, i am resilient, i am better, and its partly because they never thought i would be.
So to anyone who doubted me before, doubts me now, or will doubt me later, its okay and thankyou for giving me that extra something, Thankyou for making me stronger, it wasnt your goal to do this but it is exactly what you have done. As i was writing this post i remembered this song, and thought i would include it, it pretty much sums everything up.

One-Liner Wednesday

Words to live by.

You’ve got to stand for something, or you’ll fall for anything.