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Feminism Ridiculousness at its best

anger-enjoyimages (22)I am seriously annoyed with some of the women in this country, it seems like no one understands what is important anymore. everywhere i look there are more women complaining. MY daughter likes pink and it bothers me, i am a woman and i deserve more rights, i am a woman so i should be able to murder my baby without judgment. These kinds of topics are all over the televisions newspapers and internet. So Here are some solutions. #1. Pink is a color if a color has the power to bother you that much you are a very shallow person and you need something more to fill up your day, just be happy that you have a daughter, mine is no longer with me. #2. Women have the same rights as men in this country stop whining, you have made it, you are there, you are equal, actually that last one is not true women now have more rights than men do.#3. If you do something evil and gross people are going to think of you differently.
I recently saw a post on wordpess that was talking about how a woman had used crack while she was pregnant and the baby died, she was charged with depraved heart murder. anyway long story short the person who wrote this post was like so happy because this woman got by with murder,she was saying thank you to this woman like she had just saved a baby from a burning building rather than the fact that she just killed her own, it actually made me sick to my stomach, and she was quite furious with me for saying the situation was disgusting. Then proceeded to inform me how breeders like me make her sick and that my boys should be taught respect, or they would end up dead or in prison with the other rapists and murderers. Now i was trying to hold back my anger until then but that comment was the last straw. For one thing I teach my children to respect those who deserve their respect, and to leave the trashy ones alone altogether, but it wasnt that she tried to make it personal that really bothered me, it was that this is a commen attitude towards boys and men now, and that makes me so sad for my sons. But i will try my hardest to raise my children right and teach them never to take crap from a woman just because she is a woman. And i can speak up and say women stop acting stupid try to remember what is important in life. I know its been a long time since most of you have done that ( if ever) but please try. Now dont get me wrong i know there are still some good women out there, but man its getting bad, i would say maybe 4 out of every 10 women are actually good moral women. How has it gotten this far? how have women, the ones who were once thought of as the most moral and nurturing, turned into this. I dont know, but it really is a sad situation.


If you disagree with me you are a Racist

images (42)In this day and age people are so quick to give you a label it will make your head spin. The other day i was having a conversation with a woman i met through wordpress, and everything was going great, until we started to talk about politics. We were talking about President Obama and i said i couldnt wait until we have a new president and that i think Obama is one of the worst presidents we have ever had. Her response shocked the crap out of me, she said oh i didnt realize i was talking to a racist goodbye. My first thought was, what just happened.Then as the shock started to wear off i got mad. This person had no interest in finding out why i think Obama is a bad president, she just jumped right to racism. So I was called a racist simply because i dont like what this person stands for, and they happen to be a different color than me. Seriously? So because i didnt think Bill Clinton was a good president either, what does that make me? People need to stop being so friggen dramatic all the time, calling someone racist, or a bigot, or sexist, or anything else without a reason to do so just makes you look stupid, and by doing things like that you really hurt the cause of trying to stop racism, because its hard to take someone seriously when they keep throwing words around that they seem to not even know the meaning of. So for anyone out there reading this, disagreeing with someone of a different color does not make you a racist,so please if you dont know what the word racist means just keep your mouth shut. Thanks

Stupid People

This is the house we are wanting, it has a beautiful little creek that runs right in front.

This is the house we are wanting, it has a beautiful little creek that runs right in front.

I am so seriously annoyed write now. I havent mentioned that we are in the process of trying to buy a home but we are, and no one seems to know what the frig they are doing. Weve been trying to repair our credit and it has worked, we now have a score of around 700, and we have been pre approved for a home loan, but the type of loan we have been approved for is ridiculous. Like if there is one broken window in the house they will deny it, REALLY? The area we live in is full of houses that were built in like 1902 and earlier, so there are gonna be a few little things that need to be fixed. I just thought you know, fix the credit, get a loan, and done, but no they gotta be stupid and throw in all this extra crap. If any of yawl know anything about usda home loans let me know, and keep me and my family in your prayers, I want this house so badly, and im really praying we will be able to get it and soon.