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Sons of Anarchy review (spoilers)

images (55)download (28)Okay i absolutely loved The sons of Anarchy, but sadly tonight was the last episode, and i cried like a baby. Short version of what happened is he tells his kids and club goodbye, kills all the people who could cause trouble for the club, Talks to his father and says he understands everything now, Then he ends his life the same way his father did, by hitting a tractor-trailer head on. Now one weird thing they did was that the rig he ran into is the same one that took gimma to her dads house before he went and killed her. It was sad and i feel as though i just lost a friend, weird huh? I knew that he would die but i still kinda hoped in the back of my mind that maybe he would just go down to nero’s place and raise his kids right with wendy. So i dont really think it was a good or bad last episode, it was just sad. I will miss spending an hour on Tuesdays watching this awesome show.