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Question of the day – Zombies or Vampires

Today’s question of the day is – which is your favorite monster,  zombies or vampires? Yawl already know my favorite, lol!




True Blood – Review

True-blood Spoiler alert I dont usually do reviews on movies or tv programs, but i was in love with the show True Blood and the last episode they will ever do just went off, and may i just say that that was without a doubt the worst way they could have ended it. It sucked so bad that i have to say i wish i had not seen it, it ruined the whole series for me. Not only did sookie help Bill kill himself but they turned Eric into a kinda nerdy sell out, Lafayette did not even speak in this episode and at the end sookie is pregnant by a faceless human nobody. What a waste of a good show.

Cartoon Craziness Challenge – Mythical Me

This weeks cartoon craziness challenge was to draw a mythical creature, so i drew myself as a vampire fairy hybrid. Yes i totally stole the idea from True Blood, so sue me. This one was a lot of fun, Let me know what you guys think.


20140804_143206-1I have a new obsession, the show True Blood.

I didnt think i would even like this show but my husband and i were in walmart the other night and saw the first 3 seasons. He asked if i wanted it and i said nah i dont think i would like it, but he said he thought i would and got it anyway. When we got home we put it in and i stayed up until 4 in the morning watching it, now im hooked. If you havent seen it you should definitely give it a try, its pretty awesome.