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Writing Goal

Hey everybody i am trying to get back in the habit of writing something every day but it hasnt been working, so i have decided to start doing a question of the day, and hopefully a lot of people will come by and let me know their thoughts on the topic and it should be easier to get back into writing every day if i have a specific goal!

Guest Bloggers

images (49)Hey everybody,
im thinking about trying something new and opening my blog up to some guest bloggers, it kinda depends on how many people respond, so if you think you might be interested let me know. Just leave me a comment and we’ll go from there. Writers, photographers, artists, anyone is welcome, my only condition is if you want to guest post here, then you have to keep it fairly clean.

This is MY blog

20140703_194209-1-1I will never change my morals or write something i dont agree with because someone else thinks i should. This is my blog and i will write anything i please, acting stupid and calling me a bigot because i think abortion is murder does not bother me in the slightest, it will not make me change my opinion, it will not make me stop talking about it, it will not even make me talk softer about it, so dont waste your time.
If you are looking for a blog where the writer is going to kiss up to you and agree with everything you say just so you will continue to follow, then this is the wrong place.
I will never do that, if i dont agree with you i am gonna say so, and me personally i would never want someone to say they agree with me about something if they dont, actually that would make me mad. Whether i like their opinion or not i would rather know the truth.
Why are so many people like that now its like if one person disagrees with them they feel like their world is about to shatter, have an opinion and own it, but dont expect everyone else in the world to agree with you, because it is a certainty that they wont.