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people are disgusting

Cory-Cole-small-013014This is not going to be a long article i honestly just needed to vent. I am so disgusted with people right now, for the past few days police have been looking for a man named Howard cole and his 5 month old son. They had been trying very hard to fimd them because the man was wanted for felony child abuse. I had high hopes that they would find them both and everything would be fine, mostly because my husband worked with this man and knew him and said he didn’t seem like the type that would hurt anybody. Well they arrested this man Howard cole yesterday, and i was still thinking that the baby could just be with a relative or something. but last night between 4 and 8 aclock the body of a baby was found in the woods about 5 miles away from my house . when i heard that this morning i was heart broken, i couldn’t help but just sit down and cry then i looked at my children sleeping safe in their beds and cried some more. the police have not said what the cause of death was or who is being held accountable, my thoughts and prayers go out to the babies family and pmay he rest in. peace


loving life

Im just sitting here watching some mickey mouse clubhouse with my two year old, and I’m wondering how anyone could ever mistreat their children. It is 12:08 a.m. and i only got about two hours of sleep the night before, but even though i am unbelievably tired and maybe even a little cranky, there is nowhere else i would rather be. just seeing him smile at me takes the cranky away. my sons name is donnie and he is such a little miracle. Donnie was born at 23 weeks gestation he weighed 1 pound 2 ounces and the doctors told us he was probably going to die, there was an 85 % chance he would not survive he was on the strongest breathing machine possible and his little eyes were still sealed shut, but we had faith that he would make it. there were a couple of nights that things dud not look good the doctors kept asking us to consider turning off the machines that were keeping him alive so that i could hold my son as he passed away, but we simply could not and would not do it. he had to have 6 abdominal surgeries because his intestines kept rupturing and 1 heart surgery to close a valve, he also needed eye injections because he had rop. but finally the day came six months later when he got to come home and weighing in at a staggering 6 pounds. That was one of the happiest days of my life. so people please cherish your children they truly are the best blessing you can ever receive.